Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Longevity of Lupus

The book I chose to read besides my AP style book was Legend by Marie Lu. We follow the adversities of a young boy and girl named Day and June. They first appear to be mortal enemies but as time progresses we see that they not only have similar mindsets but similar goals.

At first we see both June and Day at opposite sides of the social spectrum, June being a promising prospect for a high ranking officer while Day is a known vigilante in the poor sector, but both have a desire to help the people of the Republic and they both are in search for justice. Just as a magnet, opposites attract, and that is apparent when it is noticed that June has fallen in love with Day and vice versus, as seen when Kaede says "What a joke! Poor little rich girl's fallen in love with the Republic's most famous criminal.” But when both of our heroes are pushed to the edge, and when they lost the people they care the most about, all they had was each other. The ability to trust another human wholeheartedly and steadfast is a quality both seen in June and in Day. They both exhibit such selflessness not only with each other, but with the people of the Republic, putting their own wants and needs aside so the Republic and its people can thrive to the best of their ability.


  1. The way you use your style in your writing is really good. Makes me want to read more

  2. I read the same book and I like your style of writing.